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We have over 25 years of expertise in service and support, from desktops, to hardware, to network conversions and  IT infrastructure implementations. LIT is here for you in every aspect to ensure your business runs smoothly and without interruption.

Our all inclusive service is available 24/7 and includes access to our Help Desk, Field Service Technicians, Quarterly Maintenance, and Consulting and Reporting Services. 

LIT is your single point of contact for all your support issues and questions.

NO retainers - NO block hours... feel free to call us as often as you need
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Managed IT Services
Desktop & Technical Support
Back-up & Disaster Recovery
Web Design & Maintenance
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Choosing an IT Provider

IT Support - Managed IT Service - we all do the same thing - yea, we kinda do! So, how do you pick one?

The services you're looking for are a dime a dozen. They all want your business and you're going to hear their best sales pitch! When it comes down to it - if you don't know what you're looking for, all the jargon kind of starts to just become mumbo jumbo and you're gonna go for the guy that seemed to offer the most for the lowest costs. Isn't that how this works?  Nope!


So what do you do?  Ask Questions! Get References!  If this "oh so great" company is really that great, they should have no problem giving you answers and providing references.  Treat it like any other job interview and get as much information as possible.  Ask questions about staffing: How many members are on their Help Desk? Not including administrative staff! How many field engineers are available? Take into consideration your locations and theirs - how long will it take a Tech to get to your site in an emergency? 

READ the Contract thoroughly - is it protecting you? or them?  Be sure the Service Levels are clearly defined - have something to hold them accountable for. Look closely at how they handle complaints and resolutions.  Beware of contracts that include penalties "if" you do this or don't do that. Look for wording that states - they "are not responsible for" and fine print outlining billing practices that "renew" without your approval. Remember once you've signed into a contract - you're kinda stuck in it. 


We're not all the same - there are good IT companies and there are bad IT companies - stay away from the bad! Always, always, research and check reviews on a prospective service provider.